Experiences of participants

"For me, Studio Monchy connects with the breadth of the (music) field. Together with the group you go into the depths and heights during the weekends through your musicianship and leadership. The depths and heights can be found in yourself and in the world outside yourself. Who are you there? And who or what would you like to be there?" - Remco

"It has been a creative research and process of who I am as a person, who I am as an artist, who I am as a person and artist in the society and who I want to be as a person and artist. I love how conversations and sharing with other people can make you realise these things. By collaborating with likeminded people we could together create what we have in mind. I believe that through this, big things can happen!" - Michaela

"What moved me is the safe and non-jugdmental space to show yourself and be heard. How all parts of the preparation fell into place as one. How fun and serious work can go hand in hand. And how nice it is to get to know people in a different way than through names and work". - reflection on weekend 1

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